Home is the beginning of everyone’s story. It’s where life happens—where we unplug, connect, dream, and spend intentional time with those who matter most: our families. At Magnolia, whether we’re renovating houses or curating product collections, family and home are kept at the center of everything we do.

Doing good work that matters

In an ideal world, everyone’s story begins in a home that is full of love, safety and security. But in today’s world, when we look around, we see stories of brokenness. At Magnolia, we’re in the business of restoration, and we have seen firsthand that broken can be made beautiful.

Through Magnolia Foundation, we seek to provide restoration to the most vulnerable children and families, focusing our efforts in four specific areas: orphan care, youth development, family housing, and community restoration.

Sometimes restoration is physical, bringing beauty to an old house or worn down part of town. Other times, it’s more holistic, providing hope to a child who has never experienced a warm and loving home. Our focus is to support the people and places that need it most.

Whether it be in the most far-reaching corners of the world or in our own neighborhood, Magnolia Foundation exists to restore lives and restore communities, as we continue doing good work that matters.